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2022 Asian Cultural and Educational Society Global 3rd Annual Charity Concert

–Second Year of COVID-19 Relief

The third annual Asian Culture and Education Society charity show was successfully held on February 27th. This performance, co hosted by Jians TV, which was held virtually due to COVID-19, was supported by caring people from all over the world. These performing artists come from all over the world, including China, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, India, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The producer of this benefit performance is Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian American Cultural and Educational Society. She was very grateful for all the volunteers and Mr. Peng Jingquan, the director of this Charity Concert. First of all, we are very grateful for the support of the painters of this charity Concert. At this concert, the painting “Autumn Forest”,  which was specially donated by the famous local painter Li Ke for this event. The painting “Autumn Colors of Dongjiang” by the famous brush painter Mr. Deng Weiping and “Cat” by the painter Qiu Mei were displayed during the concert. Everyone who wants to  participate in the auction can click here to see more participating painters as well.

Mr. Li Yugang’s “Floating Clouds Disperse” was euphemistic and moving. American singer Manshu liqi has made a special joint opera for the concert featuring: Beijing Opera, Gaozai Opera, Huangmei Opera and HuaFan. 

 The Tenor Bingchuan Wan sang << Nessun Dorma >>, and the Australian singer Ni Xueping sang “The sound of the hometown is forever”, which expressed the wishes of people overseas to miss their hometown.  

Singer Tan Jing from China sang “Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer”, a moving story of the ordinary world during COVID-19. Tim Mank, a talented singer, gave a performance with his guitar.  

Australian singer Dawei Guo’s song “Dreaming of Hometown” brought tears to the eyes of overseas wanderers, who missed their loved parents in their dreams. The singer from Taiwan, Zhao Zhuan, who sang “Because of Love”, seemed to be everyone’s favorite! The artistic advisor of this performance, 

American singer Ms. Liu Xiang and Mr. Guo Haoyue’s duet of “Plum Snow Love” was like a flower in a dream, and their sweet voices made people feel like they were wrapped around a beam for three days. Mr. Zhang Chen of Dallas American Singers Zhang Chen School of the Arts and his student LEXING WEI sang “Mango”, a perfect interpretation of rap in English and Chinese.

Singaporean musician LEE YUN HE’s piano performance of the selection from the Chinese ballet “Fish and Beauty” was enchanting. The Shenzhou Chorus sang “The Pearl of the Orient” in a majestic manner.

The Chinese Rhythm Folk Ensemble’s “Welcome to Spring” gave everyone a taste of the lively New Year. There was also “Welcome to Gifu to Enjoy Flowers” from Japan. Cathy Happy Fitness Charity Platform presented the beautiful song La Vie en Rose by Christie Wang. 

The Baotoumen Horse Head Fiddle Studio presented the beautiful song <“Ten Thousand Horses Galloping”>. Misty Cheung & Vienna Cheung performed “South of the River in the Smoke and Rain” .  XinYi Li Ribbon Dance was performed by Mogao Caves. Indian dance was introduced by Xima. The singer Vinessa Sun’s “Home” touched everybody’s hearts. “Tangcheng International Cultural Education Dance Sketch” was provided by an artist from Italy, Christine did a violin performance, and three elegant and sensual dances were done by Jane and Ai shang Dance Bar, “Jazz Paris/Love Seed Flower,” “Repayment,” and “Wei shan Lake.” Alanna Sun & Elivabeth Sun did Traveling Sister . Katelyn Hu did “The Ordinary People”, “Existence” was done by Kaylee Xie of Zhang Chen Art School. Thanks be to Charles Qi Cherubini in Coro and Jennifer Jew and Ashly Bei Jew doing Original Compositions, selected by Bukaopu: Those Past Lunar Festivals. This event was supported by media outlets BARTV and JiansTV.  

The Asian Cultural and Educational Association’s New Year’s celebration came to a successful conclusion. This year, we all came together for the holidays to donate PPE to the community, deliver gifts to nursing homes, and write greeting cards. Thank you to Ms. Minning Wu of Highland Park School District for helping to lead the group in putting up the Spring Festival couplets and decorations for the Highland Park High school. The Asian Cultural and Educational Association also provided help to companies and schools to promote Chinese culture.

For distributing red envelopes and decorating the community to promote traditional Chinese culture, thank you to all the volunteers and donors. This includes Peng Bin for his providing of red envelopes from a long distance, Irina Li for her hard work on the flyers, Yong Wang and Dan Tian for help on the photography, Xin Junqing, Qiu Mei, Hailong Jin, Guoliang Yu, Angelina Huang, Amber Wang Wang, Ethan Li, Howard Li, Jessica Wu, Samuel Wu, Ming Yu, Zhongping Pan, Amy, Vivian, Ming Yu, XInyi, Kunthear Mam-Douglas, Xiao Li, Huiyu Li, ChunYan , Ye Jia Li, Elise Liang, Ellen Liang , Jun Huang, Jing Xu, Leng Hui, Serene Luo, Chuling Jiang, Michael Wu and Di yang for their enthusiastic help and more.

Once again, the Asian Cultural and Educational Society wishes everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger!


Nihao Food Bank Initiative

“Hello Spring”5K 跑步比赛


由ACP、Nihao Food Bank Initiative 和 DASH 跑步小组联合举办的“Hello Spring”5K 跑步比赛今天在德克萨斯州北普莱诺的 Bob Woodruff 公园举行。 大约有200人参加。 普莱诺市副市长曹祖芳、你好项目的发起人李红健、谢兵和詹姆斯·黄,ACP 会长甘强和 Dash 会长尤文发表了讲话。 Nihao Food Bank Initiative 是一项由美国华人组织的草根运动,主要目的是用正面的行动来提升华人的形象,为下一代华人树立良好的学习榜样,提高华人对社会的参与度,提高华人对美国的饥饿问题的认识度,与当地的公益粮仓合作对抗饥饿。更多的图片可以点这里




华裔律师李中原 (Daniel Lee)作为德克萨斯州第26选区(District 26) 的民主党候选人参加2022 年德克萨斯州众议员(Texas House of Representatives) 的选举。通过他的父母的介绍,我们了解到李律师从小在教会长大,经常在教会里教主日学生。帮助教会里的青少年成长。在大学期间也展示了卓越的领导才能担任过大学学生会的会长。李中原律师的成长之路展示了华人在美国律师界成功的奋斗之梦!李中原律师捐款网站

Donation Link

Question 1 : Why are you interested in our community?


I’m Asian so I know personally the struggles of the community and have watched my parents struggle and succeed. I want to help people in the community have someone to look up to as someone that will represent and protect them as a symbol of hope in the legislature and in government in general. To show that our vote does matter and we can win. 

Question 2: What do you believe to be the challenges and opportunities facing our community? How are these likely to change in the future?

Challenges are violence against Asians and Republican led division within Asians. They use different tactics within each community to put Vietnamese against Chinese etc. We need to have Asian representatives to cut the smoke because Asians will typically listen or give another Asian a chance. We can change it but voting out all divisive people and taking them out of power. This same strategy is used in other races as well and it works to divide them, so not all minorities become one voting block. We need to all get on the same page so we can stop getting pushed around. 

Daniel Lee

It is an honor to be in front of your today and I’m overcome with joy that you are all here to support my campaign for Texas State Representative for HD 26. I say our because I’m running not only for everyone of you, but I hope torun with you. As a lawyer I swore to that I would know and use the law to protect families and Texans not only in the Houston area, but all over the state. I’m the only candidate that knows that law and knows the end affect of how bad laws hurts good people. 

Before I begin, I want you to know that my speech was inspired by our former President Obama.

My Father was a restaurant owner in Texas, with only a 6th grade education. My mother was a college basketball player at notredame and went to NYU for her accounting Masters. It’s due to their impressive story and relentless pursuit of the American dream that I am here today in front of you.

My background is part of a greater story of many great Texans and great people in the Houston area.

I’m fully aware that without the people that came before myself and my family that in no place on earth other than Texas and this area is my story possible. 

Alongside all the current increase in gun violence, Gerrymandering, Teacher shortage, climate change, and even rise in property taxes, I truly believe we are all connected as 1 Texas. If there are schools in our who lack teachers that matters to me, If there are families that are suffering from results of gun violence I too grieve with that family since this is my community, If there are people here struggling to pay medical bills because we lack heath insurance coverage for many people here, I struggle with them because we are ALL poor as a society. I believe that we either Stand together or we FALL together as Texans.

There is so much division right now in our city, state and world. Those that want to break all of us up and convince us that we are different from each other, when we are EXACTLY the same. There is truly no Conservative America, Liberal America, white, black, Asian or Latino America. We live in the United States of America.

We will be able to flip this seat and turn it blue with your help and I am the best candidate to do it. Things need to change and the people against me have been part of the same structure of educators that have failed our child for decades as well as lifted the laws that protected our families. 
In the end that is what this election is about. Do we participate and work in the politics of division and excuses or do we participate in the politics of Hope and promise. The Hope of immigrants escaping from war torn countries. The Hope that a short kid will one day become a State Representative. The promise that all homes will have energy during winter storms, the promise that our homes and children will be protected from the next flood. The hope that a business owner will be safe from gun violence and at the same time continue to make money. The Promise that each student will the resources in school to help them grow and that each teacher will be given the curriculum and pay to be successful. The Hope in the face of uncertainty and difficulty If you stand with me, together we can break these chains of division and win brighter days for our community and State one law at a time. Instead of Bad laws that hurt Let’s pass some GOOD laws to help Good people. 


Please Stop Asian Hate!

德州众议院共和党候选人雪莱·路德 (Shelley Luther) 表示,应禁止中国学生进入德克萨斯大学。 Shelley Luther, anti-lockdown activist and GOP candidate, said Chinese students should be banned from Texas universities.

大家还记得在 2020 年新冠病毒大流行开始时,有一个理发师无视紧急命令拒绝关闭她的达拉斯沙龙。她被判入狱一周,但仅仅几天后就被释放了。最近她发表仇视亚裔,尤其是华裔的言论,禁止中国学生进入得克萨斯大学。Everyone remember that at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 when she refused to shut down her Dallas salon in defiance of emergency orders. She was sentenced to a week in jail but was released after only a few days. Recently, she made anti-Asian hate speech.

“中国学生应该被禁止进入德克萨斯州的所有大学,”路德在周三的推文中说。(“Chinese students should be BANNED from attending all Texas universities,” Luther said in the Wednesday tweet.)

周五,来自休斯顿的华裔民主党众议员GENE·吴谴责路德的言论,并要求她公开道歉。Plano市的曹祖英副市长也谴责了她的言论并代表Plano市民欢迎中国留学生。On Friday, state Rep. Gene Wu, a Democrat from Houston who is Chinese-American, condemned Luther’s comments and asked her to publicly apologize.

华人勤奋刻苦,尊老爱幼,认真好学,家庭和睦,为人忠诚又谦虚谨慎。和美国人民一样,华人来美国也是为了追求美国之梦,并为美国在科学,经济和教育以及各个领域都做出了极大的贡献!华人和别的美国移民一样不是来索取资源的。请停止对华人的仇恨,请停止对亚裔的仇恨!Please Stop Asian Hate!



ACAESUSA President’s Volunteer Service Award

A ceremony was held for the recipients Saturday night in Dallas. Several local teenage leaders were recognized for making a difference in the community.

Members of the nonprofit organization, Asian Culture and Education Society USA, who worked to help seniors citizens, promoted Asian culture, and spread health awareness and COVID-19 PPES, were honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The volunteers had to meet a number of requirements to qualify for the presidential award.

“It is really easy to figure out what you like to do” Said SMU Professor Scott Douglas, “But one of the more important things in your life is to decide how to help others”

Come to join us! Our members have helped donate their time and passion to the community in the year of 2021,” said Jian Xie, the founder and President of ACAESUSA. “We will continue to help the community for years to come.”


The Build Back Better Framework《重建更好法案》

The Build Back Better Framework 重建更好法案

The Build Back Better Act will create millions of good-paying jobs, enable more Americans to join and remain in the labor force, spur long-term growth, reduce price pressures and set the United States on course to meet its clean energy ambitions.

White House’s framework



面向所有 3 岁和 4 岁儿童的通用学前班:为超过 600 万儿童扩大免费优质学前班的机会。这是一项长期计划,资助期限为六年。
负担得起的高质量儿童保育:对于收入不超过州收入中位数 250% 的家庭,将家庭的儿童保育费用限制在不超过收入的 7%。它使各州能够扩大对约 2000 万儿童的访问。父母必须在工作、找工作、接受培训或照顾严重的健康问题。这是一项长期计划,资助期限为六年。


扩大儿童税收抵免:将目前扩大的儿童税收抵免延长一年,适用于超过 3500 万美国家庭,年收入高达 150,000 美元的家庭每月支付。使儿童税收抵免的可退还性永久化。


清洁能源税收抵免(3200 亿美元):对公用事业规模和住宅清洁能源、传输和存储、清洁乘用车和商用车辆以及清洁能源制造的十年扩大税收抵免。

复原力投资(1050 亿美元):用于应对极端天气(野火、干旱和飓风,包括林业、湿地和农业)、社区遗留污染和民间气候部队的投资和激励措施。

清洁能源技术、制造和供应链的投资和激励措施(1100 亿美元):有针对性的激励措施以刺激新的国内供应链和技术,如太阳能、电池和先进材料,同时提高钢铁、水泥等现有行业的竞争力,和铝。

清洁能源采购(200 亿美元):鼓励政府购买下一代技术,包括长期储存、小型模块化反应堆和清洁建筑材料。


《平价医疗法案》保费税收抵免:将扩大的《平价医疗法案》保费税收抵免延长至 2025 年。专家预测,超过 300 万原本没有保险的人将获得医疗保险。还可以在 2025 年之前向未覆盖州的 400 万未投保人提供《平价医疗法案》保费税收抵免。
允许 Medicare 支付听力费用。在 Medicare 中建立听力福利,这是一项以合理费用为老年人提供的重要福利。


住房:投资 1500 亿美元用于住房负担能力和降低价格压力,包括在农村地区。资金用于建造、维护和改善超过 100 万套经济适用房和单户住宅,包括公共住房,以及租金和首付援助。

高中以外的教育和劳动力发展:通过提高最高佩尔补助金,为历史悠久的黑人学院和大学 (“HBCU”)、西班牙裔服务机构 (HSI)、少数民族服务机构 ( “MSI”)和部落学院和大学(“TCU”),并投资于劳动力发展,包括社区大学劳动力计划、基于部门的培训和学徒制。

1700 万低工资工人的收入所得税抵免:将目前扩大的无子女工人的收入所得税抵免延长一年。




Final Day at the State Fair of Texas 得克萨斯州博览会最后一天




公益活动:Dance with Lucinda


10月16号2021年, 秋高气爽。美丽动人的Lucinda国际拉丁舞老师和形象顾问以舞会友,在PLANO城市的Arbor Hills Nature Preserve 举办户外免费舞蹈课。为达福地区的华人和亚裔带来了健康快乐的热舞,每一位来的朋友在舞蹈中展示了健康和美丽,美好和自信!预防新冠病毒的感染,体育锻炼对于大家的健康非常重要,而舞蹈又令大家身心愉悦。大家都很感谢Lucinda老师的付出! 更多的图片请点击这里。


ACAESUSA participated in volunteer activities in Double Ninth Festival

ACAESUSA participated in volunteer activities in the Chongyang  (Double Ninth Festival.)This includes giving comfort to patients who have COVID-19 and volunteering at the Dallas  Salvation Army. Among them, the sanitizing and masks we donated were very popular among people in the shelter. People came to pick it up at the parking lot. Volunteers from the Asian Cultural and Educational Society visited the elderly Chinese seniors living in this shelter. If anyone can help for housing for them, we would be very grateful. Thank you all for participating in this event!